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Piedmont Medical Inc.

Piedmont Medical, Inc. is the predominate supplier of reconditioned Hill-Rom, Stryker, Savion and Midmark brands for hospital beds, stretchers, ICU and birthing beds. Founded in 1992, Piedmont Medical is distinguished by its’ solid reputation for delivering high quality reconditioned products to many medical markets through an extensive inventory of pre-owned hospital beds and stretchers.

In keeping with the demands of the healthcare industry, Piedmont Medical, Inc. also offers an extensive line of new patient room furniture and guest seating to compliment our reconditioned medical equipment. Piedmont Medical proudly manufactures bed parts, accessories and attachments to supply our customers with viable options for product updates and renovations.

Piedmont Medical, Inc. headquarters is located in Dobson, NC and is comprised of a team of loyal employees focused on providing quality workmanship, on-hand inventory levels and unbeatable service to its customers. Piedmont Medical’s products are available on-line and through other worldwide distribution channels. Multi-lingual sales assistance is available to all customers.




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  Piedmont Medical Inc.

   & The Revolution Bed

Byron Wurdeman founded Piedmont Medical Inc. (PMI) in 1992 in the spare bedroom of his house in N.C. When Medical Dealer last reported on the company in 2010 ....



  • The Revolution Bed : The final stages before going for FDA approval and scheduled for launch in 2015





  • 20 years of Piedmont Medical From 1992-2012.









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